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Client Rights and Responsibilities

We feel that it's critical to clearly communicate and share mutual expectations to maintain a better and long-lasting relationship.

As someone seeking advice from financial planning professionals, your rights entitle you to:

  • Know our credentials and experience.
  • Understand our financial planning philosophy and our process for developing recommendations and implementing strategies on your behalf.
  • Understand all fees, charges and expenses for products and services.
  • Receive statements, periodic communication and periodic reviews.

We feel that it is our moral and ethical responsibility to be completely transparent in our business dealings. We will develop and implement recommendations following a process described to you and will charge appropriately for our products and services. You must be comfortable and clear about what we do for you. In that regard, it is your responsibility to:

  • Ask for an explanation of any recommendation that you do not understand
  • Agree to a recommended product/service only after you understand how it works, how it benefits you, the risks involved and the fees.
  • Let us know right away if your financial situation or goals change so we can make appropriate changes to your financial plan.
  • Evaluate us on our overall service — the value you receive should exceed your cost.